Smart Jewelry – Beacon & Lively

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.14.09 PMPeople are so glued to their gadgets these days – particularly because they are waiting in anticipation that they will get a ‘like’, tweet, text – or dare I even say a call!  Everyone wants to feel connected – but it seems to be creating a socially ‘live’ awkwardness when we can’t keep our gadgets discreet during meetings, dinners or even interviews!  Imagine if there was a way that we could still be ‘connected’ to all these notifications without being glued to our screens…

We had the pleasure of hosting Beacon & Lively at Startup Fashion Week in Oct. 2014, they are a Startup from Philadelphia – and they are making big things happen in the world of Fashion + Technology!  They came to present at our Fashion Tech Forum and also showcased their prototype on the Runway at our closing event as well.  So what exactly is Beacon & Lively? They are a fashion conscious wearable tech startup and they have designed a bracelet, which allows women to get notifications from their phone in the way of a discreet multi-coloured lights.  These lights are pre-programmed by colour to indicate different types of notifications.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.16.59 PM
Beacon & Lively on the SFW Runway – October 2014

Long after all the party dust settled at Startup Fashion Week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Beacon & Lively’s CEO, Veronica Becker to learn a bit more about Beacon & Lively and to get more insight on their journey as a Wearable Tech Startup:

vbecker_web (1)
Veronica Becker, CEO of Beacon & Lively


What inspired you to start up your company?  Beacon & Lively was created to solve the problem of women missing important calls, texts, emails and other notifications because their phone was stashed in their bag.  The beacon bracelet is Bluetooth enabled so you can take your phone out of your hand or off the table during social situations or business situations so that you can focus on the moment instead of staring at your phone.

What is your company all about? “Putting Technology in Its Place” – our first product helps solve problems that people have with technology.  Enabling women to stay connected without sacrificing fashion.

Who is your target audience?  Women who want to stay connected to people who matter most without distraction.

What advice can you pass on to other entrepreneurs?  Keep moving forward with your ideas, networking opportunities – even when doubt creeps in when things aren’t moving as fast as you would like!

What has been your biggest struggle so far? Success?  Our biggest struggle so far has been to gain traction in terms of fundraising to move our prototype to production.  Our biggest success has been a mention in the NY Times alongside several other emerging wearable tech companies.  The space has great growth potential and we are excited to be a part of it.

Do you have any mentors / advisors? Yes, I am about to begin the Winter 2015 Class in The Refinery accelerator which mentors women led startups.  I am ready to jump in and learn from the experience of the advisors that are part of this program.

What exciting things can we expect to see for you and your Startup this year?  A pre-order campaign.

What did you enjoy the most being a part of Startup Fashion Week?  Connecting with other early stage startups and exchanging information on successes and challenges.

How / where can our audience connect with you and your Brand?;

Thank you so much Veronica and your team for making such a beautiful product and for participating in Startup Fashion Week! To learn more about Startup Fashion Week please be sure to visit our website: or be sure to sign up for our email newsletter:


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