We had the chance to ask Mitra Ghavamian some questions about why and how she started her company. Mitra not only designs  clothing but also creates her own paintings. Mitra has a specific idea of how she wants her art to be viewed, read and find out what she has to say:

What is your company all about?

Unlike a lot of other fashion companies, our products are not intended to become mass produced, commercial fashion. Rather, my work functions more as conceptual art. I draw on decades of work as a costume designer for film and television and the pieces are meant to convey something about the character and emotions of the model, rather than just act as an attractive frame.  I decided to start the company because it gives me a means to share my thoughts with my audience but also allowed me to create clothing for individuals who do not want to wear the same cookie-cutter fashion found everywhere. 

Who is your target audience?

The target audience can be anyone who is able to connect with the spirit of what I am creating. For the most part, this tends to be other artists, writers and creative types.

 What advice can you pass on to other entrepreneurs?

DO NOT GIVE UP!  This seems obvious, but is very difficult to do.

 What has been your biggest struggle so far? 

Most artists are not brilliant business-people.   The biggest challenge for me was making contact with buyers

Do you have any mentors / advisers? 

I had some great mentors when I was in university but in recent years I have been figuring things out on my own.

What exciting things can we expect to see for you and your Startup this year?

Partaking in the “slow fashion” movement, this year I have been focusing on the use of recycled materials.  This involves not only the re-user of old fabrics but also recycled industrial materials.

What did you enjoy the most being a part of Fashion Art Toronto?

Fashion Art Toronto puts no limits on creativity, I really feel like I can express myself.

How did starting this company change your life?

I love what I do and I am my own boss!

How / where can our audience connect with you and your Brand?




Dreamland 60'' x 34''


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